Douglas Lindelöw

Douglas Lindelöw is a successful show jumper and one of our proud ambassadors! He has his base in Skåne where he has several promising and high-performing horses. Douglas is known for his exceptional riding skills and has achieved many top placements in international competitions. He is highly regarded for his hard work, dedication and exceptional horsemanship. He really has an ability to bring out the best in his horses. With his talent, experience and passion for the sport, Douglas is a really valuable ambassador for Amazona Sueca. 



Douglas is one of our most classy riders and likes to dress in colors like navy and brown. He is also one of our first jumpers to choose riding boots with laces and it has quickly become a favorite. The most important thing when it comes to tall boots for Douglas is that he wants them to be lightweight, comfortable and flexible. Therefore we developed a thinner inner lining for the boots to make sure Douglas gets the feeling he wants in the saddle.



My favorite boots are the sheepskin-lined Rita winter riding boots. They are great to have in the winter as they keep you warm without being bulky. The model Rita allows you to keep the smooth riding feeling. Otherwise, it's my Santiago jumping boots, which are incredibly soft and thin in the leather, just the way I want it! It creates the best feeling when you ride and they quickly mold to my body. Another favorite product is the Tote Bag, it has endless uses and is always good to have at hand regardless of the situation. 




  • Have patience! In everything from your riding session to long-term development and planning. And of course in all handling of your horse.
  • Follow your common thread in riding. Take the help of trainers who suit your line and how you want to ride.
  • Be your own coach when riding by yourself and remember what your coach has said.
  • Create a close bond with your horse outside of riding. Pay attention to how the horse feels and how it looks in the body.
  • Work hard!


Douglas Lindelöw



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Douglas Lindelöw

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