Amazona Sueca

Flavia Heat Turtleneck Shirt Coffee

699 kr
This magical turtleneck gives you a sophistiated look and keeps you warm at the same time. It is made out of heating brush fleece, which protects you from the cold, is fourwaystretch and breathable. The generous and extra high turtle neck reminds of a nice scarf and you could also wear it as a neckwarming buff. The sleeves are extra long and with thumb loops that give you a glove-like experience for your hands.
Wear this heat shirt while riding, running, skiing, walking your dog or to simply stay stylish and warm.

- Heating material
- 4-way stretch
- Generous turtle neck
- Thumb loops

Why the name Flavia?
Flavia is a Brazilian name and also the name of a fantastic vet and friend our founder Johanna got friends with while living in Brazil.
The name is also ancient roman and means golden or yellow.

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