The Perfect Boot Collection

We have over 15 years of experience with bespoke and custom-made boots and have over the years helped thousands of riders to design their dream boots. And believe me, I've seen the most creative boots and designs you can dream of!

Most of our customers have several pairs of riding boots and I have also got a very clear picture of what the perfect boot collection for a rider looks like. I can happily tell you that it consists of 4 pairs of boots.
Join in and I'll tell you which boots you need!


Amazona Sueca Den perfekta stövelkollektionen Klassiska träningsstövlar

First and foremost, of course, you need a pair of every-day boots, classic training boots that work with all your equipment and all your outfits and regardless of the color of the horse you are riding.

This design is usually in a brown shade, either a slightly lighter cognac brown, a darker coffee brown or of course a shade in between. Simply a stylish and classic design for all occasions.


Amazona Sueca Den perfekta stövelkollektionen Tävlingsstövlar

At competitions, all equipment must shine and shine and not least your boots! Are you a rider who loves to polish? Then maybe you choose an ordinary black leather, and with the help of shoe polish and diligent work polishes up a shiny surface. If you like a few shortcuts instead, we can warmly recommend a pair of boots in polished or brushed leather. The skin has been polished already during the tanning process and has with heat, brushes and a lot of wax got a really shiny glossy surface. It is not only stylish but also easy to maintain. A competition boot is often stylish, but you can of course make it unique as well and add some fun and personal detail.


Amazona Sueca Den perfekta stövelkollektionen Fårskinnsfodrade vinterstövlar

It's like a dream to put on a pair of sheepskin - lined riding boots. It feels like walking on clouds and as if your feet and legs are embedded in a warm blanket. Not only that, you also get a pair of warm boots with a perfect fit that also helps you ride better even when it is cold outside. We have a waxed leather that is perfect for winter boots and our Scandinavian climate. It is treated with oil and resists the sludge very well and you hardly need to polish them, only re-grease if necessary. We usually feed sheepskin the entire lining on the boots, but if you prefer, you can only make the foot part. With advantage, you choose a boot that has lacing or elastic and thus greater flexibility because you will want to fit more layers of clothing if it is -20 degrees than when it is -2.


Amazona Sueca Den perfekta stövelkollektionen Coola träningstövlar

More is more!

It is with these boots you can go all in! Do you dream of a pair of protruding boots in blue croco gloss? Do you want a pair of boots in gold? Cool camouflage printed suede or maybe a pair of furry pink Leo boots? Live your dreams to the fullest and dare to stand out from the crowd! Let these boots be the stable's snack bar. You will also ride so much better when you feel gala-looking! With this boot collection, you are equipped for every conceivable occasion and riding session. In addition, the boots will last much longer because you change boots and they have to rest a little between the riding sessions.


Now you got a lot to think about! I am happy to help you and answer all your possible questions about boots, models, colors, materials and measurements via Zoom. If you have questions and want answers now, chat with us via the icon at the bottom right, or book your fitting now and we go from there. I look forward hearing from you!

Best regards.


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