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Luva Riding Gloves Navy

200 kr

Luva is a lightweight unisex riding glove for the optimal riding experience, for riders on all levels. Proper hand comfort enables you to fully focus on the ride itself. 

Comfortable & Elastic: Enjoy a pair of high-stretchy gloves for the maximum comfort and flexibility. The snug and ergonomic fit minimizes any unnecassary movement or shifting of the gloves during the ride and help protect the hands from blisters and friction-related injuries.

Unique wristband cuff: No more drama over sweaters that bunch up at the wrist or get stuck in the velcro of your gloves. Our custom-designed wrist cuff provides a smooth experience and completes your outfit so you can focus fully on the ride.

Durable: Crafted with double layers in between the fingers for the friction of the reins, to last for hours and hours spent in the saddle.

Breathable: Stay cool and fresh with this breathable material.

Exceptional Grip: The secure grip ensures you as a rider a better control and a higher sensitivity over the reins and allows for more precise and effective communication and connections with the horse.

Phone Friendly: The good grippy material makes the finger tips phone friendly – if you need to text a friend. (But remember to always stay focused on the horse.)

Safety: For maximum safety and to protect your hands, wear gloves as often as you can at the stables or when around horse, it can prevent injures during challenging or unexpected situations.

Sizing: They are a bit large in size and available in:
XXXS (5)
XXS (6)
XS (7)
S (8)
M (9)
L (10)
XL (11)

Material: A blend with Polyurethane, Nylon and Spandex.

Wash instructions: Machine wash in 30 degrees, no tumble dry.

Fun fact! Did you know that Luva means glove in Portuguese?

Read the story behind Luva.

XXS - 6XS - 7
S - 8
M - 9 
L - 10
XL - 11

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