Achieve your goals in 2022!

We are already ten days into 2022 and so far it has been a great year! Have you already set your goals and summarized your dreams and visions for 2022? Don't worry, we have it all covered for you.
My Goals 2022My Action List Goals 2022
First of all use a blank paper and make a wish list of all things you dream of or wish to achieve. What do you want in your life? Maybe you want to buy a new horse, compete on a higher level with your horse, exercise more, learn a new skill, earn more money, read more books, start a business, eat more fruit or make more friends? It could of course be anything, just write it down without thinking on how to achieve them.
Once you have a long list of dreams, choose 10 of them that are the most important for you! Then add those ten to you list of goals and start to think of WHY and HOW you will achieve them.
The next step is to start on your action list - start from the back and write down actions you need to do today, tomorrow or next week to achieve your goals.
Work on your action list of daily basis, check actions that are done and add new actions.
Also make sure to use My Goals 2022 on your fridge, in your office or on the door to your tack room and review them every day!

Download our background image and use it as a note to self on your mobile.
My Goals Mina mål 2022
Dream Big and Work Hard and repeat your new actions and they will become your new habits!
Johanna Ljungmark

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